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North America Vocational Education Group



Company Introduction

North America Vocational Education Group is a professional training and education consultant group headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The group has four core subsidiaries including “Wedo Education”, “Wedo Planning”, “The WillWork”, and “AzureHR”. The group has licensed human resources company, local immigration lawyers, an expert team of senior education experts and teachers, an American Ivy League school admissions team, psychologists and counselors, a team of top vocational training tutors in various industries and settlement orientation service center. Our service includes K-12 grade after-school tutoring, university admissions planning of top universities, employment guidance training and post graduation career planning of university students, vocational training of international technical talents and international employment planning. NAVEG delivers a large number of guided students to top universities in North America every year, paves the way for many students and graduates to gain ideal careers, and helps international skill talents secure employment and start a stable life in North America.



K-12 Education and Training

With profound international education experience and in-depth understanding of the culture and characteristics of overseas students, the elite teacher team of Wedo Education adopts an original comprehensive teaching system for international students ranging from grade K-12, so that students can enjoy high-quality Canadian education while catching up to our local students through more targeted learning methods.

Making children become the best of themselves is the only mission of Wedo Education. Adhering to this belief, we insist on providing the most flawless and consistent follow-up service, supplemented by the professional team of experienced teachers. We are confident in ensuring that our students lead the best future in their favor.



College Admission Advising + Career Planning Advising

Wedo planning, established in North America, aiming to assist every student desiring a quality, global education in achieving their dream school and career. 
As a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Wedo planning consists of North American college admission officers, academic planning advisors, therapeutic psychologists, and career planning advisors, utilizing a contemporary approach and a modernized 7+1 model to provide high-end advising services for students. Combining professional knowledge with enriched resources, Wedo planning provides planning services tailored for each individual student, assisting them to reach the schools of their dreams. 

Wedo career planning advising team combining experts in all fields, fully utilizing human resources and outreach programs to provide career planning service for current undergraduate students. Services include practical skills enhancement, company co-op recommendations, and mentorship support, helping current undergraduate students solidify learned knowledge, accumulate relevant experiences, enhance personal backgrounds, and become competitive in the workforce. It is our goal to push students ahead in the job hunting race, preparing them to secure a job offer and take off their dream career immediately after graduation.



Human Resources Service

AzureHR is a comprehensive human resources consulting company situated in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to job-placing numerous talented individuals, as well as providing customized HR solutions. 

Our services include helping businesses establish a strategic organizational design and document management system, improve internal processes, expand recruiting channels, and provide vocational and orientation training programs. We are also devoted to providing a variety of business services, such as legal consultation, financial management, marketing strategy, and product promotion.

At AzureHR, we aim to promote meaningful interactions between skilled talent and enterprises from across the globe to build a sustainable platform for value co-creation.

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Vocational Training

Devoted to developing international employment-oriented training courses, WillWork gathers leading mentors from each industry to provide career coaching and counselling, English language instruction, customized vocational training, and a variety of international certification courses, all based on North American employment demand; individual industry and company job requirements; and industry standards, laws, and regulations. 

We have guided countless international talents onto their ideal career paths and successfully helped them secure employment in North America. Furthermore, Willwork’s vast network of legal consultation experts and settlement services are here to optimize not only our students’ professional careers but also their personal lives overseas.


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